Testimonial – Mathew Hughes – P-DTR, NKT, Neurofunctional Acupuncture, Anatomy in Motion

“Having Matt at the clinic has been a great pleasure. He is eager to learn, and great with the staff and patients. Matt not only retains new information well and is able to think critically about the information provided, but he shows an exceptional level of emotional intelligence, social capability, and awareness. In an industry that requires scientific intelligence and critical thinking, along with an ability to “read” people, interact, and perform well socially, Matt shows the ability to integrate all of these skills, where others tend to show a significant strength in one area, and an obvious lack of proficiency in another. Matt has contributed in a positive manner to the clinic and staff at Body Science, by always being willing to help out, interacting well with the staff and patients, and composing well-written and thought out weekly blog articles and research summations. Matt wrote on topics such as an unlikely cause of plantar fasciitis (and how to treat it), how an elbow injury can cause shoulder problems, and the anatomy of the vasculature supply to the peripheral nerves and spinal cord. Because of this well-rounded nature, combined with an excellent work ethic, I believe Matt will be successful and influential in the fitness and sports industry for many years to come.”

Mathew Hughes – Owner of BodyScienceTherapy

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