Body Science Therapy, a Unique Clinical Experience

It may be due to the removal of your shoes upon entry, or the abundance of natural light that illuminates the main room when you walk in, coming to Body Science Therapy is not your average clinical experience. The experts at Body Science Therapy pride themselves in their ability to manipulate the neuropathic pathways to identify the route of an apparent problem or discomfort, rather than the traditional approach of just using soft tissue work and different rehabilitative instruments to influence the musculoskeletal system.

There are three practitioners at Body Science Therapy, all experts at their craft and all presenting an exceptional and individualistic experience for each of their clients. Their practitioners look to illuminate the disconnect between afferent signals being sent to the brain, and the efferent signals being sent back out to the peripheral system that can be blocked or disrupted by different types of injuries. Their practitioners pride themselves on the ability to change people’s lives and give them back the independence they once had prior to the circumstances they are dealing with now, and doing so in an non-invasive way.

Another factor that separates the clinicians at Body Science Therapy and their approach to rehabilitation is that the effects of their interventions have an instantaneous effect. Most rehabilitative methods take a couple of days to make a noticeable difference; however, it is not uncommon for clients to feel a substantial difference upon leaving the clinic, boosting morale, and making the clinic a place you are excited to come back to.

There will always be one definitive reason to come in and check out our clinic, we’re different. The majority of our clientele have unsuccessfully tried a traditional method of therapy without any significant results. At Body Science Therapy, we pride ourselves in the ability to present our patients with a unique experience, an understanding you can only appreciate by coming in and experiencing first hand. An experience we hope you can benefit from as well!

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