Don’t get caught up in happiness, focus on being grateful.

Hey team,


I know many of you are going to jump at this one, saying “Matt, you just told us to find happiness within ourselves” and I still stand by that. However, let’s take a deeper dive into what I mean when I say happiness.

The idea of happiness can often be misconstrued into a marketing scheme, companies will say how do we develop a product that will make people feel happy and center the entire idea around materialization. Instead, instagram user prince_ea has a great point in saying, focus on being grateful for what is around you rather than what you have. Sounds great but what does that mean?

Well, ea says that it is important to focus on being grateful for what you have rather than looking at what you want because the happiness of possessing material objects makes for a circumstance where you are always chasing happiness in the newest game, phone, or object. Instead, when you keep a grateful mentality, you allow yourself to find a true, holistic happiness without getting lost in the need for having the newest thing on the market.

Often times we make the mistake of judging someone based on their ability to keep up with trends, and feel that we will be judge on our ability to have the newest objects. I challenge you to not only find gratitude within yourself and for the people around you, but challenge the people you surround yourself to do the same; in doing so, you will elevate the people around you and minimize your social circle, but find the best people to keep around you.


Happy Monday friends.

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