Training Power, When is it appropriate?

Hey friends,

A common question is when is it appropriate to train for a power focus, and with who? Is it contraindicative to train power with the average client?

Power is most definitely a fickle beast, it is the combination of strength and speed within an exercise. The combination of those two elements of the lift raise the debate, “is it appropriate for the average adult client?”

My opinion on the matter is, any exercise can be deemed contraindicative to someone. What do I mean by that, well it really depends on your client. If your client has been with you for months now and making good progress, if they are from an athletic program, or if they recently stopped an athletic program and you (in your professional opinion) deem it safe to do so, then yes I believe power can be a great component to incorporate into the average adults program.

That being said, you need to make sure that the client enjoys training power, which most adults do not. When training power, you are sitting in a low rep range with high rest time in between sets, which bothers the average adult who may not understanding the simplistic necessity for rest.

Power can be used for the average client, but should not ever be jumped right into, the example underneath here that I have given you is ‘Power Pull Ups’. Getting the average client from not being able to do a pull up to doing these would look something along the lines of: Assisted chin ups – full unassisted chin ups – assisted pull ups – unassisted pull ups – chins ups while releasing the grip at the top – and finally the power pull ups. As you can see there is a building process to training power, but do not let that deter you from doing so!

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