Videos – How Letters can Strengthen our Back

Hello my lovely fitness enthusiasts,

Today we are talking about a alphabetical exercise that will strengthen muscles in your back that are not commonly as active as they should be. Most people have a great deal of strength in their upper trapezius (leading to the shoulders constantly being elevated and potentially causing neck pain) but neglect the middle and lower fibers of the muscle.

An exercise you can do in the TRX station in the gym to strengthen these middle and lower fibers of the trapezius  and your rhomboids is T’s, Y’s and I’s. Depending on the position of your hands, you will be working different fibers of the trapezius. The letters determine the position that your body will essentially portray, and the body position will manipulate which fibers you use:

  • T’s – will recruit more mid trapezius and rear delt
  • Y’s – will recruit a higher mixture of mid trapezius and low trapezius
  • I’s – will recruit mostly low trapezius rather than the middle trapezius

Some key elements to these exercises:

  • Foot Position Determines the Difficulty: the further in your feet come (bringing the body to a further horizontal position) the more difficult the exercise will become
  • Maintain angle at the elbow –  your arm does not have to be completely straight, but you do not want to change the angle at the elbow through the movement because that will cause the triceps to take over some of the movement. No longer hitting the proper muscle
  • Keep the Shoulders Depressed – it is rather common to see people allow their shoulders to shift upward causing the upper trapezius to take on some of the stress of the movement, this is not the fibers of that muscle we are trying to target. Keep the shoulders low and target the proper muscle fibers: Mid and Low Trapezius

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