Video – Bilateral Cable Row

Hey friends,

Our next variation of our Row movements is the Bilateral Cable Row. Unlike our last variation, this is using both arms at the same time, which will help create balance and not require as much core stability to offset lateral flexion.

In this video you will notice that I am not using the bench, this is just personal preference as a way to make the exercise a bit tougher by recruiting more stabilizer muscles.

Some things to focus on when completing the Cable Row:

  • Do not let the head shoot forward – your head will want to shoot forward as you pull the weight back, make sure you maintain postural integrity throughout the movement
  • The only movement is in the arms – what do I mean by this, most people allow themselves to lean forward to load up more weight or increase range of motion, the range of motion is arguably complete when each scapula is completely protracted, there is no need to lean forward
  • Quality over Quantity – do not try to load up a crap ton of weight here, it is very easy to mess up your lower back doing these exercises. Instead, keep it lighter, and focus on the quality of your reps rather than the quantity of weight you are lifting. Instead of increasing your weight,  you can always slow down your tempo!

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