Embrace Your Shortcomings

Hey team,

For today’s Motivational Monday post, we’re looking at what are widely considered failures.

Everyone has heard the old “you miss all the shots you don’t take” and I agree, but let’s dive a bit deeper into that concept. The idea of the fear of failure stopping someone from trying something great, or out of their comfort zone, is a concept derived from the misconstrued idea that falling short of a goal is a failure.

When you allow yourself to see the perspective of, “yeah I didn’t end up where I wanted to, but I put myself out there and learn elements of myself that I need to improve on” you conquer the concept of embracing the shortcomings you expose in scenarios that don’t go your way, you’ll conquer the fear of failing in a scenario you are uncomfortable with and not be afraid to challenge yourself!

Keep on keeping on friends!

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