Video – Back Squats

Hey guys,

Today’s video will be looking at another knee dominant exercise… the Back Squat.

The Back Squat is an awesome way to load heavy when trying to train legs, because for many it can be strenuous to try and lift a heavy dumbbell off the ground to properly perform a goblet squat. Similar to other exercises in this category, it is considered a knee dominant exercise because the biggest change in joint angle occurs at the knee.

Some things to be mindful of when performing the Back Squat:


  • Make Sure torso angle is parallel to lower leg angle – I have done a post on the importance of this prior, and will be included in a link at the bottom. That being said, focus on the parallels of the movement
  • The Hip, Knee, and Ankle Alignment – one suggestion I have for people trying to figure out what the best positions are for the lower body is: knees slightly wider than hips, and feet slightly wider than knees, creating an idea of a pyramid of balance/support
  • Be mindful of your breathing, will help brace the core – you want to breathe in on the way down into your squat, and breathe out as you are rising out of it. This exhale will help brace the core, creating stability in both the abdomen and lower back


  • Let the knees buckle – the knee is a joint where you want stability, not mobility. Watch out for them trying to buckle in towards the mid-line of the body. This is caused by weak glutes that cannot keep the knees in line with the ankle and hip
  • Allow the Torso to Dip – a common mistake is when the torso level drops, deviating away from the parallel lines system and often splitting the squat into two parts, straightening the legs to stand up, and an over-weighted/dangerous good morning exercise
  • Allow the Butt-Wink for extra depth – Ass to grass is not necessarily a good thing, see my post I tagged below, but having a butt wink means you are changing the angle of the pelvis and doing damage to the spine

Relevant Article: 

Hope these help!

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