The EASIEST and SAFEST Leg Exercise

People often fall into the illusion the training legs means doing lots of squats and deadlifts… ladies and gentlemen, I call shenanigans. However, the easiest compound leg movement is the Goblet Squat.

Goblet Squats are a great knee dominant workout, meaning the biggest change in joint angle is in the knee not the hip, because there are many easy to follow cues to make sure you are completing them properly.

Some of the cues are:

  •  Make sure the dumbbell is pressed directly against your chest – to make sure you do not lean forward through the squat
  • Try to make your elbows touch your knees – to make sure that you are going low enough, while not going to a point where you suffer from the butt wink
  • Imagine there is a peanut between your butt cheeks – this will force you to try and squeeze your glutes throughout the entire movement
  • Focus on your knees – make sure they are not caving in towards the center of your body, if they are, you need to try to strengthen your abductors!
  • Keep a slight pyramid – feet slightly wider than knees, knees slightly wider than hips

Goblet Squats are what I start 90% of my clients with (the 10% being athletes with a training age of over 6 months, obese clients, and clients rehabbing certain injuries). They are safe, the load is not on the back, and if someone needs to, they can just throw the dumbbell safely in front of them on the ground rather than getting caught at the bottom of a squat with a loaded barbell on your shoulders.

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