Focus on laying the bricks, not building the wall

I heard this story once, probably when I was in highschool and it’s always stuck with me.

It’s about two kids, 12 and 9 years old. Their father owned a small corner store, decided to take down one of the exterior walls and told his kids to rebuild it. Their response, as people would think, was “how can we rebuild this wall, we’ve never done this before?” The father looked at his kids and told them, “you focus on laying every brick as perfect as a brick can be laid, and eventually you will create the perfect wall”.

Oftentimes we find ourselves drowning in the idea of having huge long term goals and forgetting that success is dependent upon doing the little things well and consistently. In times of turmoil or doubt it’s imperative that we remind ourselves of the little things we can do right to lead to our long term victories.

So on this magnificent Monday, I leave you with this: don’t let the idea of building a wall intimidate you, focus on every single brick you must lay to the best of your ability, and the wall with create itself!

Happy Monday!

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