Pull Up w/Leg Raise

Hey friends,

Pull ups too easy for you? That’s okay, there are always new progressions!

Today we are looking at another variation of the pull up. I find pull ups similar to planks in the sense that once you can do a certain amount, its more fun to add other elements to them instead of just doing more.

In this variation, you split the movement into two parts so that you do not use momentum to get yourself up to the top of the movement. The first half is the hanging leg raise a couple things to keep in mind here:

  • Position of the Ankle – if you try and point your toes toward you – as if you trying to point your toes to your knees – it will make it much harder.
  • Make sure your upper half is stable – if you do not stop your upper half from moving before you raise your legs, you will find that you will sway back and forth and be using much more momentum rather than core strength.
  • Do not bring your legs beyond your waist – By doing hanging leg raises, you need to realize that the focus is on adding another element to your pull up, not stability through the core. By bringing your legs higher than your waist, you are putting unnecessary stress on your lower back

The second part of the movement is the actual pull up itself, the cues are the same as seen in the last vertical pull post, the regular pull up – find the link here: https://obrienhealthandfitness.com/2018/03/29/video-pull-up/ – check out this post for some of the important cues regarding this movement.

Try it out, let me know what you think!

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