Video – Banded Lat Pull Down

Hey friends,

This post is looking at another variant of the vertical pull – the lat pull down. This variation is awesome because it is extremely versatile, resistance bands are relatively cheap to buy, and you can complete this exercise by looping the band around any tall item (in this video, a TRX station).

Things to look out for: 

  • Make sure you are depressing the shoulders again, and maintaining the idea of holding a magazine under your armpits as the arms come down through the movement.
  • Make sure your torso is straight, you want to be able to run a pole directly up your spine and have it touch your tail bone, thoracic (mid back) spine, and the back of your head. This will ensure your spine is in neutral position.

Now, by no means am I a design artist, but I think these two pictures will help out with understanding the exercise and different cues to make sure you’re doing it right:

Lat PD 2 Views


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