Runners Be Warned!

“You shouldn’t run to get in shape, you should get in shape to run”

What a fantastic quote, no clue who said it, but they are a very smart individual.

To many people, running is seen as a very simple method of being active and getting in shape. The problem is, people do not understand the stress that they are putting on their joints by doing so.

As great of an exercise as running is, it can be very straining for different reasons. First, it can put a lot of stress on your joints depending on how your gait look, please find my post on improving your gait. Second, for someone who is consider obese, a BMI (Body Mass Index) of over 30%, it can be very difficult for someone of this physique to maintain running.

A solution that may be helpful for individuals within these parameters would be a different modality of cardio exercise such as swimming, or an elliptical, both are suitable methods to improve cardiovascular fitness, while not putting as much strain on your joints.

When running, if you are new to doing it consistently, you can suffer lower limb loading injuries such as stress fractures in the tibia, plantar fasciitis, or patellofemoral pain.

My recommendations:

  • For people who may be new to the gym, start with a modality that is easy on your joints such as swimming or walking, as you increase joint stability and get used to the additional stress, work your way onto things such as a stationary bike or the elliptical, and as you become more comfortable with the additional stress, start running or using the stair master

Don’t allow yourself to be frightened by a new challenge, embrace the unknown!

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